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At: 15/3 Gonchar str.

"There once was a dog." - cartoon film by Edward Nazarov, based on the Ukrainian folk tale "Sirko". (1982)

The sculpture based on the cartoon is located at the entrance to the vegetarian restaurant "Tri:". Heroes are depicted at the time of the banquet at the table of the rural wedding. Apparently, this is the sacramental moment when a wolf, who is fed up, utters the famous phrase "Now I'll sing!"

  • Sketches from the Kyiv Ethnographic Museum in Pyrogovo helped Edouard Nazarov to construct a Ukrainian village in the cartoon.

  • Music was directed by the Institute of Folklore and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Ethnographers presented a tape recorder with songs recorded in Ukrainian villages.

  • A cart sound att the beginning of the cartoon is borrowed from the film "Chapaev".

- Shout out ""Now I'll sing!" at the meetings with your friends. Describe their reaction here.

Photos and audio reports  are equally welcome))

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