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At: 40A,Volodymyrska str.

“The Golden Gates” – is the main gates of ancient Kyiv, the monument of the  defensive architecture of the Kievan Rus, one of the oldest structures of Eastern Europe, symbol of Kyiv. They got their name by analogy with The Golden Gates in Constantinople (Tsargorod in Ukraininan) . A historian Mykola Zakrevskiy called Golden Gates “invaluable remainder of ancient grandeur and fame of Kyiv”.

  • The idea of the Golden Gates comes from Byzantine.

  • Enemies couldn’t ever get to the city through this entrance.

  • The  latest reconstruction of the Golden Gates ended in 1983. There is a museum now.

  • The metro station “The Golden Gates” is in the world top10 of the most beautiful  stations of the world.

- Hello, treveller, are you ready to do your journey round the “Live city” unforgettable?

So, the first challenge is: imagine the initial look of Golden Gates and draw it. Attach it here. I promise you a coffee near the Golden Gates.

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