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Don’t forget to look up passing by this building. Perhaps, you will see the president through the window. Did you guess? It’s the Presidential administration. Exactly this building was built in two styles: the classicism and Ukrainian baroque. The administration was built on the base of Kyiv Military District of 19 century.  Its main function is to provide the President with   implementation of his constitutional powers. Ukraine is the parliamentary-presidential republic, so it defines the president functions.  

  • The first brick of the building was laid in 1936.

  • There are 195 rooms in the Presidential administration.

  • After World War II this place was owned by the central committee of the Communist party of Ukraine.

  • There is a laundry, canteen, dry-cleaner and printing house in the Administration backyard.

  • During the Viktor Yushchenko’s presidency it was called the Secretariat.

- Dear friend, imagine yourself a diplomat and take a photo in front of the Presidential administration! Add a new pic to your photo album!

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