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At: 7, Yaroslaviv Val Str.

Actor’s house is a cultural and educational institution. At first, there was a Karaites’ temple architected by Horodetskii here. The building stands out with Moorish-Arab luxurious facades. The interiors are almost completely preserved. Now the National Union of Theatre Artists of Ukraine settles here and that is why the building is called so now. 

  • In the original form, the house had a beautiful dome with stucco decorations, but it was destroyed in Soviet times.

  • The library here includes 22 thousands of books.

  • Karaites still try to get their temple back, but their minority consists of only 100 people. According to Ukrainian law it is insufficient reason.


- Imagine yourself a real actor and tell about your feelings after visiting the Actor’s house on the camera and upload it here.

Tell only the truth, so even Stanislavski would believe you!

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