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At: 4, Tymofiia Shamrylo str.

Kid's Railway is a park where you can take a ride in a real train. But your driver, conductor and cashier will be a child. This educational attraction was opened in 1953. Everything here is real: a depot, two stations "Vyshenka" and "Yablunka", a viaduct over the gorge, two diesel locomotives and six carriages.

In summer the railway works on Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays.

The rest of the time, young railway workers undergo extracurricular trainings in new computer classes.

  • The 2.75 km. length tracks were laid along the picturesque Syrets park.

  • The viaduct, along which the train passes over the hill with, has 20 meters height and 100 meters length.

  • Machinists communicate with dispatcher through the radio connection.

  • On holidays there works a rare locomotive, which was the first train to start its work here.

 - Hey! Imagine a train of the future and try to draw it.

Friends! Remember the kid’s song about a train. Record yourself, it would be a good memory of your journey! 

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