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Podil district, “Kontraktova ploshcha” and “Poshova ploshcha” metro stations.

Podil is a historical area of Kyiv and the ancient district of craftsmen and ships. The name comes from local settlements, which were situated in the Dnipro Valley.

There was a market place here, numerous "prytyks" (pierses) and the legendary path from the Vikings to the Greeks was crossing exactly this area. It was the center of city after the
Upper City destruction by the hordes of Batu Khan in the 13th century. In the 15 century Kyiv-Podil gets Magdeburg Law; a magistrate with a city hall, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (the
oldest Ukrainian educational institution) and Hostyny Dvir, where annual fairs take place are all being built here. A number of architectural complexes of the Podil are considered to be a protected area.

  • The Kyrylivska Archaeological Site is the first settlements on Podil dated to the Stone Age, the 25-15 thousand years ago. The archaeologists found here the ancient log houses and the whole city quarter with sidewalks from 9-11 centuries.

  • The oldest house in Kyiv at 7, Kontraktova Square street is located on Podil. It’s more than 250 years old.

  • Podil is the record holder of innovations. This is where the first pharmacy, mill, power plant, water supply and funicular were opened.

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