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At: 24, Hospitalna str.

Skew Caponier is the fortification building in the complex of New Pechersk Fortress. It is the semi-underground complex with thick rock and brick walls, which was built in 1844. There are embrasures and loopholes in the walls.

For easier handling artillery flanking attack, the caponier is located at an angle to the earth's shaft of the fortress and therefore got the name “Skew”. Firstly, it was an armory and powder storage and later it became a prison for politicians.  Because of the violent regime there, it was called “Kyiv Shlisselburg”.

  • The Kyiv Fortress area occupies nearly 20 hectares, so the building process had several stages. 

  • Nowadays, there is a museum in Skew Caponier. The cell, prison corridors and cameras are renovated. There is the exhibition of goods and chattels of prisoners, military costumes, weapons and litigation documents.

- Learn more about Kyiv Fortress. There are many buildings with military origin on its territory you’ve never heard about. Are you intrigued?

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