The building of skyscrapers in Kyiv started with the bell towers instead of housing. The Great Lavra Bell Tower was done in 1845 after 13 years of building. It was a 97-metres octahedral four-tier tower with a dome. The first residential building in Kyiv and Ukraine was constructed in 1912. It was a 12-floors skyscraper called Hinzburh Skyscraper (67.5 m), which had 94 flats, a shopping mall and modern forged elevators.


Nowadays Kyiv is on the 6th place in the world and on the 1st in Europe concerning a number of skyscrapers. Klovskyi, Gulliver, Kyiv Court of Appeal, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, 101 Tower, The Sail and H-Tower are the biggest skyscrapers in Kyiv.

  • The Building with a Star is a rare soviet building, which was built on Khreshchatyk street after the 2nd world war. Stalin’s skyscraper is a 15-floors building of 85 meters with a tower and a spire.​

  • The mixed-use building called “The Sky Towers”, which was being built during 2007-2015, was supposed to go above 200 meters. Now the construction is on hold.

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