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At: Kyiv

The building of skyscrapers in Kyiv started with the bell towers instead of housing. The Great Lavra Bell Tower was done in 1845 after 13 years of building. It was a 97-metres octahedral four-tier tower with a dome. The first residential building in Kyiv and Ukraine was constructed in 1912. It was a 12-floors skyscraper called Hinzburh Skyscraper (67.5 m), which had 94 flats, a shopping mall and modern forged elevators.


Nowadays Kyiv is on the 6th place in the world and on the 1st in Europe concerning a number of skyscrapers. Klovskyi, Gulliver, Kyiv Court of Appeal, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, 101 Tower, The Sail and H-Tower are the biggest skyscrapers in Kyiv.

  • The Building with a Star is a rare soviet building, which was built on Khreshchatyk street after the 2nd world war. Stalin’s skyscraper is a 15-floors building of 85 meters with a tower and a spire.​

  • The mixed-use building called “The Sky Towers”, which was being built during 2007-2015, was supposed to go above 200 meters. Now the construction is on hold.

- Have you been to these observation decks on skyscrapers in Kyiv? Find out more and go! Make a review!

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