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At: IordanskaStr., Kyiv.

Iordanska Street in Obolon district runs from Bendera Avenue to Marshala Malinovskogo Street.

It appeared as Skhidna Str. at the same time whenObolonresidential district were being built.

The modern name came in 2016 from the lake, along which the street runs.

The lake has its ancient history and is a part of the seven lakes of the Pochayna river basin. According to a legend, this was the river where the Kyivanswere christened.

  • During the building upof Obolon, the sand from the lake wasintensively extracted. Nowitsdepthis 17 meters. Therearemanyducks and fishhere.

  • The modernarrayhasits modernlegends. Itissaidthatoneof residents of Kyiv, duringhistriptoPalestine, dropped a silverbucketdown tolegendaryJordan River, and a yearlaterhefounditinthewatersof our Jordanlake. Maybetheyarelinked?

  • Nexttothepicturesquelake, theKyivcitizenslaidthealleyofSakurasandcalleditthe Alley ofLove.

- Friends, everyone can take a part in the planting the Alley of Love. Even a bush, a flower or a tree planted by you will be great. Also, it’s a good test of interaction for couples!

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