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At: Kopachiv, Obukhiv township, Kyiv region

“The Kyivan Rus Park” is a place of architectural and historical reconstruction, which recreates the structures and spirit of Ancient Kyiv of the V-ХIII centuries. The park occupies an area of ​​50 hectares in the picturesque Kopachiv area, near Kyiv. Here you can see the restoration of the architectural image of the historical center of Kyiv, known as Dytynets or Grad of Volodymyr. The construction is carried out in a full scale of 1: 1, taking into account the achievements of modern science. The purpose of the project is to investigate the influence of Kyivan Rus on the formation of civilization processes.

The project is implemented by the “Slavic Foundation” charitable organization.

  • Kyiv Dytynets occupied 10 hectares territory during the times of Prince Volodymyr. There are reproduced nine-meter shaft length of 1, 5 km and partly a defensive dive here. Wooden fortress wall (forging) of 300 meters long was built without any nails. Ancient Mykhailivski Gate is 21 meters high here. You can also see the street network of the ancient city, watchtowers, Vasylivska church, restored mansions of Kyiv, castles and other objects. The construction on the park’s territory continues. 

  • Exhibits of siege equipment, historical armor and costumes, musical instruments are also here. Visitors can see the historical reconstruction of the ship “Prince Volodymyr” of IX-XI centuries. “The Kyivan Rus Park” is the only site of its kind, where in a credible historical entourage you can observe large-scale medieval battles and international competitions of the constructors.

- Draw an object or a part of life of the ancient Kyivans, whichever you would like to see in the reconstruction park.

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