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At: Kyiv and Chernihiv regions of Ukraine.

The Kyiv Sea (Kyiv Reservoir) is the largest reservoir on the Dnipro river, which is so big that it really reminds of a sea. The Kyiv HES, which was built to provide Kyiv citizens with electricity, holds all this water. To create this artificial reservoir it was needed to pull more than 16 million cubic meters of rocks out and pour the dam by half a million cubic meters of concrete.

There are also boats which pass through the navigable gateway.

The sandy beach and the pine forest bar are like a magnet attracting tourists here.

  • The reservoir building lasted 5 years and ended in 1966. The nearest fertile lands and more than 52 settlements were flooded, 33 thousand people were settled out. 

  • The artificial sea’s length is more than 100 km, the biggest width is nearly 20 km and the depth is about 16-18 meters. 

  • The Teteriv, Irpin, Prypyat rivers fall into the reservoir.

- Fresh air, warm water and no city bustle here. Get friends together and have a picnic on the seaside near Kyiv.

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