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At: Lysa Hora, near Vydubychi metro station, Kyiv.

Lysa Hora is a regional landscape park and the historical territory in Kyiv. There are the ruins of Lysohirsk fort as a part of the Kyiv fortress. There are shafts, bastions and water ditch. At one time there were gunpowder cellars in the fort.

For a long time, the pagans (now the Old Believers), Tolkienists and members of different youth subcultures had their meetings here.

More than 10 thousands of people visit this place every year.

  • The most famous and biggest in Europe pagan temple is located on Lysa Hora.

  • Earlier the hills were called so, because of witches who did their rituals here. So, the mountain was listed in top 7 of the most mysterious places in Ukraine. 

  • Earlier people called this place “Holhopha” (Calvary) and “Cherep” (Skull). 

- If you are brave, take a walk on Lysa Hora and describe your feelings using only nouns. We are waiting for your comment!

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