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At: 1-a, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Str.

Kiev Academic Puppet Theatre is the oldest puppet theatre in Ukraine. The building looks like the palace outside and in the interior. The area around the building is decorated as a fairy tale town.

There are sculptures of fairy tales’ characters here, a fountain, rest benches for visitors and flowerbeds.

There are two Assembly Halls for 300 and 100 people here, children café and the museum of antique puppets with the collection of puppets from different countries.

  • The “Old Parsley” and “Musicians” were the first performances which opened the first theatrical season in the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre.

  • There is a belief that if you want to find true love, you need simply to hug the sculpture of the bronze Pierrot.

- Dear friend, there are many sculptures of fairy tales’ characters on this territory. Find your favorite one and tell about it in 1 minute’s video. Be in the trend of the Living City!

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