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At: Dnipro Riverbank

Kyiv is situated on the hilly ground and on the Dnipro Riverbank. That is what led to the build-up of several bridges. Now we have 60 of them. The biggest ones are crossing the Dnipro River. There are 8 of them. According to the historians, the first one was built in 1115. The modern chain construction was suggested in 1853. However, a chain suspension bridge rested on five pillars did not survive to these days. Now there is the auto-and-rail Metro Bridge instead.

  • The Pivdennyi (“Southern”) Bridge of 135 metres is the highest bridge in Ukraine.

  • Our compatriot Yevhen Paton created the first fully welded steel construction (of 1,543 metres long) in the world to the date of completion and it was the longest bridge in Europe at that time. The bridge was ready only in 1953 due to the WW2 and it was named after the creator. Paton also built a footbridge in Mariinskyi Park, which people like to call the Lover’s Bridge.

  • One can see 350,000 cars crossing bridges in Kyiv daily.

- You have a chance to get a tour under the bridges of Kyiv. Start at the Kyiv River Port. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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