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At: 24A,Mykhailivska str.

"Heavenly Hundred" - the collective name of the deceased protesters who were involved in the action of the Euromaidan (Revolution of Dignity) in December 2013 - February 2014.

On 24 February 2014, the authorities legally recognized the victims of the dead protesters of the Maidan. They were called «Heavenly Hundred" while the farewell with dead insurgents took place. Everyone heard the  song "Plyne kacha ..." during the farewell. The square for heroes’ commemorating has murals and trees brought from all over Ukraine.

  • There is a mural similar to a fresco. It depicts Serhiy Nigoyan – an Armenian, hero of Ukraine. The author is Aleshandre Fart (Portuguese).

  • Here is the first "public garden" in Kyiv where vegetables are planted in the city center. It is a therapeutic practice for children who teaches to be responsible and take care of wildlife.

Honor the memory of Heavenly Hundred’s heroes by a minute’s silence.

And now you can plant a tree here, a bush of roses from yourself ...

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