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At: 13, Desiatynna street, Kyiv

There is a funny monument dedicated to an outstanding Ukrainian writer Mykola Hohol. It was made as an art quote from the ironic short story of the same name. Later, people saw the author in it, who had a long nose himself. The monument located on the facing wall of the building of the art gallery “Tryptych” opposite to the Saint Andrew’s Church.

  • „The Nose” is a phantasmagorical short story about a guy, whose nose left him and started living on his own. At first, the publishing houses did not want to publish the story saying it’s vulgar and trivial.​

  • People believe that the main idea came to Hohol, when he “got caught” in the rain in Kyiv and got himself a running nose.

  • There is a funny belief – if you rub your nose with this bronze one, you will recover from a cold pretty soon.

- Have you read “The Nose”? Hohol is quite a modern author and subtle ironist. Go look for places he has been to in Kyiv. You will be fascinated.

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