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At: Kontraktova ploshcha metro station, Podil district.

Nyzhnii Val is one of the oldest streets in ancient Kyiv district of Podil. Its modern name became popular only in XIX century. Most buildings here are of XIX- XX century. Only some houses here were built after 1930. The majority of the buildings were designed in Ukrainian baroque style.

  • The archeologists found the ruins of farmsteads and wooden pavements of X-XI century here.

  • Nyzhnii Val is located between famous Kyiv hills. This street itself was leading to the ancient settlement of artisans, the Kozhumiaki tract.​

  • It’s interesting that the odd and even street sides have different names, Verhnii Val and Nyzhnii Val.

- There is a unique Jewish courtyard in the street. Find it and make a photo report. It will be colorfull!

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