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At: Kontratova square, The Park of Partisan Glory, The Park of Victory, Golosievo, Kyiv Zoo.

There are 5 amusement viewer platforms in Kyiv.

Jorge Ferris created the first Ferris wheel in 1893, that’s why it was also called American. Later it was called “Devil’s Wheel” for extreme and strong emotions during the moving up.

The most famous Ferris wheel of the last century was located near present People's Friendship Arch monument. The last one was set on Kontraktova Square in December 2017. It was transported here from Paris.  

  • The height of Wheel on Kontrakrova square is 46 meters and the diameter is 43 m. It was provided with closed cabins not fall out of them. You can see the whole Podil from the top.

  • The majority of viewer amusements on the post-Soviet territory were created in Ejsk tank factory (Russia).

- They say the wheel cabins are very creaky and rocky. If you decide to take a ride, go live and share your emotions with us.  

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