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At: 19, Hrushevskoho St.

You can see a bronze sculpture called Zhaba (Frog in Eng.) in Khreshchatyi Park. According to the sculptor, Oleh Pinchuk, it was created to symbolize the wealth and prosperity of Kyiv.

That’s why this money sign was attached to an old building of the Merchants’ Gatherings, where the Philharmonic is located now.

A mysterious two-faced 4-meter piggy bank weighs 6 tons and ‘collects’ money from generous tourists. If it is filled with coins, the amount of money will reach 8 million UAH. Supposedly, the money will be invested in the creation of other park sculptures.

  • The sculpture is filled with different coins. They say that the frog is able to improve your financial state. You just need to throw a coin into the jaws and rub her tongue.

  • The Frog is able to spit, as it has a special rainwater reservoir. When it is full, the frog pours out the purest spurt for children and tourists’ fun.

  • Khreshchatyi Park was previously called Kupetskyi. At the time, it was possible to drink mineral water from it. In 1889, a "railway station" was built in the garden. It was actually a summer club, where Saksahanskyi, Sadovskyi and Karpenko-Karyi’s plays were acted out.

- What kind of sculpture would you build with the money collected by the Frog? Draw it and send it to us))

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