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At: 37/2, Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Str.

Piano in the brushes is not a monument of famous person, but a local art object in a form of an instrument. The monument was built in memory of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

The place itself is special; it’s near music school and the Embassy of Poland.

The monument’s size is similar to a real piano, but there are no strings and hammers of a piano inside. During warm seasons, it’s a charming flowerbed with red flowers in it.

  • Chopin visited Kiev. This is proved by the phrase that every Ukrainian loves: “Kiev elusively reminds me of  Paris”.

  • Also, the name of the object is an allusion to the well-known idiom “piano in the bushes”, which means something unexpected, apparently arranged to amaze.

  • There are red flowers growing where strings would be, which in combination with the snow-white tiles create an image of Polish flag. 

  • When someone passes by the piano, the sensor turns famous Chopin’s melodies on.

- Relax from the city bustle. Find in the Internet and listen to the famous Chopin masterpieces.

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