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At: Rusanivska Quay

Rusanivka is a microdistrict on the left bank of the Dnipro, which for its unique location and beauty is also called Kyiv Venice. The Rusanivka cave has been known since ancient times as the possession of the Kyiv monasteries. It gained the name from Sava Rusanovych, who in the 16th century owned the neighboring lands.


In 1961, the construction of an exemplary Soviet residential complex started in this area. It is one of the first in the world and the only district in the city that was built on an artificial island. Soils were minted up to 3-5 meters above flooded markings. From the left bank, the complex is separated with an artificial bypass channel of 2, 7 km.

  • The visiting card of Rusanivska Quay is 16 light and musical fountains, the height of which reaches 30 meters.

  • The island is built up by the nine- and sixteen-story sectional houses.

  • A popular Hollywood actress Mila Jovovich spent her childhood here, and famous director Leonid Bykov liked to fish in the area.

  • The original monument of kravchuchka is here, which depicts a woman who carries food in the carriage. The name of the carriage was given it after the name of President Leonid Kravchuk, who headed the country during the 90-s economic crisis.

- Take a stroll along the quay, in the evening you can see the light and musical show of Kyiv Venice!

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