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(café on the trees)

Hydropark, Kyiv

"The nesting-box" café is an authorial catering establishment for ecological food admirers. There are 4 tree houses here; 3 of them for companies and a romantic one for couples. You can find hammocks, swings and healthy food here.

  • "The nesting-box" cafe is the eco-space with course of lectures, vegetarian cuisine and open air scene.

  • They have yoga classes, fire festivals and chamber music scene here.

  • During the summer they show outdoor films here and discuss them in informal way.

  • At first, "The nesting-box" was located in the Trukhaniv island but now it’s on the Hydropark’s trees.

If you don’t know how to be a bird yet, visit "The nesting-box". Meet your friends here, read books and grow spiritually. The sunset is amazing from here.

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