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At: Zhukiv island

“Stalin Metro” is an under channel railway in the Kyiv region. There are two unfinished railway tunnels, which were supposed to provide a hidden crossing for troops and cargo between the banks of the Dnipro river. The construction began in 1938 and was stopped in September 1941. It was planned to duplicate the Kiev bridges under the water and put trains, cars and tanks in two directions. The name “Stalin Metro” is fixed for the definition of megalomaniac and meaningless construction.

  •  Currently, three objects of the south and one northern transition are preserved. The southern pipe is a spectacular, but difficult-to-reach constrcution, a flooded tunnel that is lowered towards the Dnipro. On the Obolonskaya Quay, the Caesuna of the northern tunnel has been preserved.

  • The designed depth of the tunnels under the river reached 32 m. The deep works were carried out under compressed air conditions. For 1,5 hour before and after the change, workers were adapting to the gateway-baro chamber to avoid caisson disease. 

  • The construction was top secret. All the workers were checked by the security services and everyone had to submit a recommendation from two Communist party members.

- Friends! There is preserved construction of a rehabilitation center for workers on Zhukiv island. A walk here is a challenge to your enthusiasm!

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