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At: 40, Vydubytska street, Kyiv

Vydubychi Monastery is a historic monastery, a monument, which was founded in the second half of the 11th century by Vsevolod, son of Yaroslav the Wise. The modern appearance of the monastery was shaped in the end of the 17th-the beginning of the 18th century. St. George Cathedral is the main part of the monastery’s composition. It all started with the ancient caves in the historical place called Zvirynets. The part above the ground was built after the Christianization. The name came from the word Vydobech, which means “to swim up”, “emerge from water”, what people were able to do when crossing the Dnipro river. Since 1997, the monastery is administered by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate.

  • The monastery was a place for gatherings and agreements. As well as a prison for disobedient. As a tradition, Kievan Rus’ army gathered near the St. Michael’s Church.

  • Since the 12th century, Vydubychi Monastery is a place for chronicles’ writing. In 1116, hegumen Sylvester finished the second editing of the famous „ Primary Chronicle” or “The Tale of Bygone Years”.

  • In 1169, during the raid of Andrei the Pious on Kyiv, thirty local monks had died. Assailants buried them alive by blocking the exits.

- Zvirynets caves aren’t as famous as the ones in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, but they are certainly interesting. Share your thoughts!

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