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At: 1, Voksalna ploscha Str.

Kyiv Pas is the main railway station of Kyiv and Ukraine. It services all the trains which stays in capital and has two entrances: central and southern.


The first railway was opened in 1870 with arrival of the train from Kursk. At first, it was the gothic building, but later the new one was built in Ukrainian baroque style.

Railway got its current look after huge reconstruction in 2001. All interested people can visit the museum here and see the unique exhibits, photos and rarity machines for real.

  • The railway was listed in The Guinness Book of Records for the quickest reconstruction in 175 days.

  • The adornment of the station is the big lobby with marble and granite walls. There is a picture of Kyiv historical monuments under the ceiling.

- Create your own train of the future. Describe the fuel it’s using, how fast it is, what conditions there are for passengers and send this project to us. Who knows, maybe it will come true.

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