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Ad: The right bank of the Dnieper, near Korchuvate village.

Zhykiv island got its name after Zhykivka river. It’s situated on the right bank of the Dnieper between Konyk and Vodnykiv island. This place is a mix of forests and meadows with a number of water ducts. It is the biggest nature reserve in Kyiv. From ancient times the Kyivan princes were hunting on this territory.

  • There are more than 120 types of unique plants on the island, and 30 types of fish found their place on its coast. That’s why it’s called the fishermen paradise. 

  • Here you can find ermines and many animals listed in the Red List.

  • The unfinished railway tunnel under the Dnieper is a unique object here. So called “Stalin metro” now is a 600-meter long semi-flooded pit, which shows all scope of this unrealized project.

- You have a chance to explore the flora and fauna of this island. Can you collect herbarium or at least take pictures of unique plants?

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