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At: 1, Symona Petliury Str; 1, Tymiriazivska Str.

Kyiv has two botanical gardens in free access. Usually they are called “old” and “new” botanical gardens. The first one was located in the downtown, near the Taras Shevchenko University, where it was founded on May 22, 1839. Interestingly, the educational collection of plants of the Kremenets Lyceum, which was then transferred to Kyiv, became the basis to it. The new botanical garden, which has the status of a national, is located in the historic Zvirynets area. The picturesque hills adjoin the old Vydubytsky monastery. National Botanic Garden is one of the largest in Europe. There about 11180 taxons, covering 220 families and 1347 kinds in its found.

  • In its very beginning, the botanical garden got a palm tree that is older than the garden itself. 200 years ago it was brought from Australia in a cup and it is in the biological rhythm of its ancestors. In winter, it blossoms in our highest 30-meter climatron in the world. 

  • Plants of the national botanical garden are located according to the natural geographic principle, for example – “Ukrainian Carpathians”, “Far East”... But the most popular mono gardens here are magnolia, lilac and roses. During the flowering of lilac, the botanical garden set a record of hosting 30,000 visitors at a time.

- Botanical gardens are the best places to explore nature and its diversity. Try to collect a herbarium, it will surely please you!

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