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At: 10, Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Str.

The grain elevator is the grain silo with lifting, drying and saving equipment for big amount of grain.

Kyiv, as a center of powerful agricultural country, was an example of how to build grain silo elevators.

Usually, the elevators were located next to transport hubs. In Kyiv, it’s near the river station and in Podil.

The current Kyiv elevator was opened in 1950.

At an attachment, little was taken into account of the architectural value of the Podil development and the scale of its historical environment.

  • The Kyiv grain elevator is 7-storey monolithic armored concrete construction. Its height is 66.9 meters, and the capacity is 32 thousand tons per day.

  • One of the first modern mills of a famous magnate Lazhar Brodskii was located in Podil. After the fire accident in 1906, only one elevator left. Now it’s the brunch office of parliamentary library located there.

- Learn more about the functions and structure of this building. Try to draw it in a cut. Is it an interesting technical quest? Be creative!

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