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At: 8, Platona Maiborody Str.

The Soviet leader Mykyta Khrushchov had Ukrainian origin, so of course he made an influence on Kyiv architecture. First of all, he decided to full the city with tiny living buildings. These houses, which solved a living problem after the war, were known as Khrushchovki.

We can also visit he farmstead and a county house, which Khrushchov owned. Nowadays, one half of this stunning neorenesans house is ruined, but it still attracts fans of extreme tourism. We have also included to this series a modern entertainment park, which is known as Corn maze. It reminds people about Khryshchov’s obsession with this cereal crop.

  • It was not allowed during Khrushchov’s time for public transport to ride around his country house. There was a little zoo with peacocks and a bear here. People say that the secret bunker is still here under the park.​

  • Social welfare project of 5-storey houses by Khrushchov became popular all around the world.

  • In Kyiv now there’s a huge plan to destroy 3000 of such houses.

  • Kukulabia (Corn+maze) is an amusement park with 40 000 sq. m. territory. You can see different patriotic traceries out there while landing in “Kyiv” airport.

- Dear friend, would you like to shoot your own film “Following Khrushchov”? Grab your gadgets and start filming your movie right away!

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