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At: 15, Lavrska

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is the Christianity monastery complex on Dnipro hills. It is on UNESCO's World Heritage List as one of the largest Christianity holy center.

It was founded in 1051 by monk Anatolij during Yaroslav the Wise rule.

Later it became the cave monastery with stone churches, cells and defensive walls. The powerful center of Christianity in Europe has its printing house, school and a library.

Pilgrims and believers all around the world come here to see relics of pious saints.

The monastery was rebuilt in 1988, after a number of attacks and destructions during antireligious persecutions under Soviet regime.

There are also huge research center and museum on the territory of the museum complex.

  • The oldest preserved building on the Lavra territory is the Gate Church from XII century.

  • The 96.5 meters high Great Lavra Bell Tower is the complex’s adornment.

  • It was built for Iwan Masepa’s money, who later was anathematized.

  • The Assumption Cathedral was one of the oldest temples in Kyivan Rus which was founded in 1073, exploded in 1941 and restored in 2000. It’s called the third piece of land of Mother of God in the world.

Dear friend, visit the caves, Great Lavra Bell Tower and unique museums. It’s worthy!

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