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At: 75, Velyka Vasylkivska Str.

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral is one of two Roman Catholic cathedrals in Kyiv. The project of the famous architect Vladyslav Horodetsky was built in 10 years - from 1899 to 1909. The gothic style of the temple was manifested in arched spiers, stained glass windows, lightness of designs and elegance of forms. The central facade has two towers, the third, smaller, with a bell is in the depths of the Cathedral. The height of the building is 55 meters. In the Soviet era, the Cathedral was used as an archive, later, the organ was put here and the concert hall was opened. Currently the building is being divided among the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine and the religious community.

  • The Cathedral is named after St. Nicholas, the Roman Christian priest, who is deeply respected by the Ukrainians. He is known for his miracles even after death. The Day of Honor is on December 19, on which children traditionally expect presents from St. Nicholas.

  • The organ put in the Cathedral was manufactured by the Czech company “Rieger-Kloss”, which designed it special for this Cathedral.

  • The second Kyiv Roman Catholic Cathedral, Oleksandrivskii, is located in the downtown, at the Kostelna Str. The temple in the style of classicism is named after the Russian emperor Olexandr.

  • The main relic, a masterly made copy of Sistine Madonna by Raphael, was brought here from Italy.

- Find out which animals are hiding in the shafts of architectural forms? Try to catch them by taking pictures!

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