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At: 2, Hryhoriia Skovorody Str.

The Academy was based on Kyiv and Lavra brotherhood schools. Thanks to noble lady Halshka Hulevichivna, it got its own building in 1615. For a long time it was the only high general-education establishment of all classes in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Based on the humanism and enlightenment ideals, the academy was spreading education, promoting the establishment of schools, libraries and theatres.

 It was supported by Zaporizhian Host.  The majority of hetmans graduated from the Academy. The Metropolitan of Kyiv Petro Mohyla set the foundation of modern science here, that’s why the academy was named after him.

Many times it was destroyed and closed but after Ukraine became independent in 1991, it had been reconstructed for 3 weeks.

Now this powerful high education establishment works in full regime.          

  • Full-time course of study lasted 12 years. The academy had 8 classes, but students had almost 30 subjects. All higher sciences, including poetics, were taught in Latin.

  • The architecture consists of historical building as bursa, the Circle building, churches, monastic cells and abbot house.

  • There are many strange traditions among students here as to wash the Hryhorii Skovoroda’s monument after the ceremony of initiation or to touch the turtle Alma for luck.

- You have a chance to reconstruct the poetic battles hold by academic students. Call your friends and go see the picturesque Kyiv hills.

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