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Kyiv entrance halls have their own design and arrangement traditions. In profitable homes of the 18th and 19th centuries they were usually locked and cleaned at the owner's expense, the buildings were well cleaned and lit. The mass construction of Soviet times introduced an open passage through the stairs. The latest Kyiv trend is coded locks and security at the entrance to residential buildings. But the love for elegant entrances has now acquired a special form.  Activists use anything for decoration: from eclectic baroque style molding to modern ethno-stylistic graffiti paintings - huts, embroidery, sunflowers.

  • The Kyivites, who up-scaled their entrances and decorated the yards, have created the Facebook group "Cozy Entrance", to share their experience and vote for the best.

  • One of the first babies of the "entrance" art was born in Troieshchyna. The word about a strange psychodyllic passage with the theme "Alice's Journey to the Wonderland" made the apartment owner Tatiana Pika move out of the house. Residents did not survive the tourists' pilgrimage and peeled off the walls and elevator exotic sizeable decorations.

So, is there an interesting entrance hall near you? Share your photos, we will add this miracle to the map of our upcoming original tour.

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