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17, Shovkovychna Street

The Chocolate House is an ancient mansion on Pechersk in the Venetian Renaissance style, which got its name for the unusual reddish brick color on the facade. It belonged to Semen Mohilevtsev, an entrepreneur, patron and manager of the Kyiv state bank. The story says that an alleged bachelor Mohilevtsev, built the house in the 80-ies of the 19th century to date with a married lady he loved. The interiors of the house are richly decorated with expensive wallpapers, stained-glass windows, gold, stucco moldings.  In 1980 it housed the marriage palace, and now it is a museum and an exhibition center.

  • The interiors are decorated in various styles: Gothic dining room, Moorish and Baroque studies, Russian and Art Nouveau style for living rooms.  Carved wooden doors, tiled fireplaces and oak panels are of high artistic value. Windows are also special - exquisite stained-glass windows, valuable reveals, slate window sills, cast fittings and even curtain rails.

  • The well-known Ukrainian archeologist Nikolay Makarenko lived in one of the apartments in this house between 1927-1934. He is remembered in our history for the resistance to the Soviet Union policy of destroying historical and cultural monuments. He was the only one who refused to sign the act for demolishing the Mykhailivsky Golden-Domed Cathedral, for which he was arrested and shot.

- Write a brief romantic story-journey over the rooms of the chocolate house.  We have an incentive bonus.

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