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At: Kyiv

Mykola Yakovchenko’s memorial was set up in 2000 on his would-be 100th birthday in the square park near the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, where he worked since 1927. He also lived nearby. The bronze sculpture was made in hyperrealism style that became popular in the late 1960s. It depicts Mykola sitting on the bench with his dachshund Fan-Fan. A bow tie, a usual cap and sandals on bare feet – that is how Kyiv will forever remember the brilliant actor of theater and cinema – Mykola Yakovchenko.

  • Children like to sit on the dachshund, so the bronze back of the dog is thoroughly polished. When people used to ask Yakovchenko, who was into drinking, why Fan-Fan is on the long leash, he always laughed: “He hates the smell!”

  • Yakovchenko became a success in 52. The actor had the looks of a typical Ukrainian villager and used to say that his face “makes money”. The comedian’s virtual museum has many interesting facts; some of them are delicious.

- You will have a great time watching the movies with Mykola Yakovchenko! Hop up!

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