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At: One of the streets of Shevchenkivskyi district

Yaroslaviv Val is an old street in the center of Kyiv. Now it’s located in the place where the defensive walls of the 11th century were built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The street runs from Zoloti Vorota to Lvivska Square. The remainings of the walls were here until the 18th century, but later they were disassembled during the reconstruction of the city. In 1837, luxurious mansions, profitable homes, and a number of educational institutions were built here. Now, Yaroslaviv Val is a unique mix of architectural styles. Here you can see classicism, gothic, historicism, modernism, Kyiv brick etc.

  • Under the "protective pavilion", which reproduces the look of the front entrance to ancient Kyiv, the authentic remains of Zoloti Vorota from 11th century are hidden here. Now there are a museum and a chamber scene here.

  • The most special place of the street is the Karaite church - kenesa, in which there’s the Actor's House. It was built in Moorish style by architect Vladyslav Horodetsky. Exquisite stucco was made by Elio Sal (Italy) from cement, rather expensive material for that time. The dome of the temple at one time was destroyed by militant atheists. On its basis you can still see the ornament in the form of an infinite swastika.

- Try to create an architectural map of the most interesting buildings on this street. The best research will be rewarded.

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