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Cuisine preferences of Kyivites cannot be limited to Ukrainian national dishes only, because the city at different times accumulated the efforts of various ethnic groups and peoples. From ancient Rus stuffed pies to refined French salads and Austrian cakes, Jewish vorschmack and Crimean wines. All these dishes are served now in restaurants, coffee shops and confectioneries of our capital. But we decided to highlight the most popular ones, which have received the status of "Kyiv" for their special qualities: Kyiv perepichka, Kyiv cake, chicken Kyiv and Kyiv jam. They have become brands of the city equally with its buildings and monuments.

  • A chicken Kyiv has had several peaks of glory. This is a French 'Cotelettes de volaille', the recipe of which was stolen for the Russian Empress Elizabeth. Subsequently, shamelessly renamed "Mikhailivsky". This old recipe was revived in Kyiv in 1947 to indulge the taste of the Soviet leader Mykyta Khrushchev. Globally, thanks to the Soviet emigrants, these chops are known as "chicken kyiv".

  • Dry "Kyiv jam" - or jam without syrup, made our city famous in XIX century. It is made from hard fruits, which after boiling, are dipped in alcohol and sprinkled with sugar powder. In Ukraine, it is also known as "Kyiv balabukhi", like the name of entrepreneur Semen Balabukh. He and his sons produced these sweets on Podil.

- Kyiv culinary masterpieces are now cast in bronze. Look for the project "Shikay" and go to discover a different Kyiv.

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