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At: 1, Yaroslaviv val

A baron’s castle is a house in a neo-Gothic style on Yaroslaviv val street. The house has two other names: Pidhorskyi’s house, which was named after a polish proprietor, who built it in 1896-1898, and a mystery name – a Castle of Teodor Shteingel, the baron. Obviously, the latter one is based on the likeness with the real Teodor Shteingel’s palace on a Bulvarno-Kudriavska street. One of the best bakeries in Kyiv – «A la porte d’Or» and a cinema called “Unikat” with a seating capacity of 100 were located here throughout the years. Nowadays it is a private property. The house is asking for renovation.

  • The main entrance is through the gates guarded by two demons with wings. There is a unique staircase with balusters from alabaster inside the castle.

  • You can also find some fragments of stucco ceilings and elegant tiled fireplaces in 10-room flats. 

  • Mykola Dobachevskyi was a young engineer and an architect of this extraordinary building, who had already worked in Colombia on construction of the Panama Canal. Competitors and simply envious people saddened him, so he only got to work on a few projects before spending his last years in debts and poverty.

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